Keynote Speakers
You don't need AI; You need to know what your data is. Jade Abbott
C Earth Observation for Data Science: How we can Automate Climate Change Assessment from Above Thomas Y. Chen
Panel Speakers
Panel Discussion: Educating coders Sheena O'Connell
Talk Speakers
Shopyo: Your Mega Machine For Flask Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
C Build interactive Python dashboards using ExplainerDashBoard Harsh Bardhan Mishra
Build Your First Cyber Forensic Application using Python Gajendra Deshpande
Building a self-watering plant using Micropython on a WiFi-enabled Arduino ESP8266 Anele Makhaba & Mpho Mphego
Moving in Sync: Self-supervised learning of n-human interactions Sonal Sannigrahi
Introducing PIP.Services, a new open-source toolkit for enterprise-level microservice creation. Eugenio Andrieu
The loop of Joy: helping kids (and grown-ups) enjoy code adventures David Campey
Getting to Intermediate John Ouellette
Efficient Data Handling Techniques in Python for Oracle Database Christopher Jones
Machine Learning Lifecycle Made Easy with MLflow Karishma Babbar & Kalyan Munjuluri
Django Rest Framework <3 Redux Sheena O'Connell
Learning to speak a common language with BDD and pickled cucumbers Richard Landers
Fishfingers and Custard: An OpenStack and K8s Story Kendall Nelson
Python & MariaDB: A Match? Kaj Arnö
Developing Feasible Scenarios for bioenergy production in South Africa with Python Hayden Wilson
Optimize Your Database Operations with Asynchronous Processing Radical Rakhman Wahid
Building Machine Learning demos with Python Omar Sanseviero
Neural Prophet – A powerful AI framework for Time Series Models Kalyan Prasad
Sponsor Talk Speakers
Retries and Circuitbreakers in Takealot microservices Johan Beyers
The Future of Work Agnes Muthoni