Python & MariaDB: A Match?

Speaker: Kaj Arnö

Track: Data Science

Type: Talk

Room: Video Stream 1

Time: Oct 07 (Thu): 16:30

Duration: 0:45

Preamble: A happy rant by a Python developer about the feeling of coming back home to programming after decades in management, and seeing 90 % of all pain points of programming being solved. How Python contributes to the mental sanity of an incurable geek.

Main content: When is MariaDB Server the right choice for persistence of data in Python? Or, to split it:

  • why is picking a database sexy, to begin with?
  • why a relational database, not NoSQL?
  • why an open source relational database?
  • why MariaDB, not MySQL or Postgres?
  • when not to pick MariaDB?

What MariaDB Server to pick?

  • which Server version
  • on cloud or on-prem
  • which Python connector
  • how often to upgrade
  • what other related software to pick