Learning to speak a common language with BDD and pickled cucumbers

Speaker: Richard Landers

Track: Testing

Type: Talk

Room: Video Stream 1

Time: Oct 08 (Fri): 11:45

Duration: 0:45

This talk is a real-world account of how our team implemented BDD (Behavior-driven development) in a new platform built in Python and what we have managed to learn thus far.

What this talk will cover:
- our decision to use BDD
- implementation with Gherkin and Python
- the benefits of a shared context
- going through changes and how we left BDD behind
- rekindled excitement for BDD and what it means for the future of this project

This talk is for everyone without any prior context or knowledge needed with regards to BDD.

Behavior-driven development is a tool that helps define business requirements by encouraging meaningful discussions and collaboration from both technical and non-technical members of the team ensuring that the right features are built and their requirements are met.