Fishfingers and Custard: An OpenStack and K8s Story

Speaker: Kendall Nelson

Track: Other

Type: Talk

Room: Video Stream 2

Time: Oct 08 (Fri): 16:30

Duration: 0:45

OpenStack and k8s are often pitted against one another as if they are incompatible and you have to choose between them which simply isn’t true. Not only that, there are numerous use cases where operators run Kubernetes on top of OpenStack, they run Kubernetes supplemented with OpenStack services, or they run a containerized OpenStack. In this talk, attendees will learn about how companies can and ARE using Kubernetes WITH OpenStack. Viewers will walk away with a better understanding of the configurations possible and that Kubernetes and OpenStack go together like fishfingers and custard- if you like Doctor Who references- or cookies and milk if you prefer :)

Open Source projects like Kubernetes and OpenStack are successful and popular because they are open and compatible with other technologies. Open Source projects like OpenStack help supplement and provide underlying infrastructure to Kubernetes much to everyone’s surprise. Kubernetes isn’t a complete replacement for OpenStack like everyone seemed to think it was. Not only that, there are many companies that use the two technologies together in production and at scale. This talk will present several ways in which Kubernetes and OpenStack work together.