Lightning Talks

What, When & How

Lightning talks are a space to give a short (strictly less than 5 minutes) talk to the whole conference. They're often funny, slightly strange, or informative -- and they're a great way to give a first talk at a conference.

We will have lightning talks this year, during the closing session on Thursday.

Due to popular demand, there will be a second lightning talk session before the official conference closing event.

If you'd like to present a talk, contact the organizers at, or in #helpdesk during the conference. Give them your name and the topic you'd like to present on, and they'll add you to the list!

Lightning Talks

Thursday Lighting Talks:

  • Nicholas De Kock: "autoESDA - a library for automated Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis"
  • Adrianna Pińska: "Structural pattern matching: not just a switch statement"
  • Simon Cross: "HPy: Taking the C API to the Next Level"

Friday Lightning Talks:

  • Bruce Merry: "Infinitely fast event loops"
  • Lance Williams: "The Fun and Interesting Challenges of Controlling and Monitoring a Radio Telescope"
  • Kim van Wyk: "HTMX - AJAXy stuff for little effort"
  • Dirk Uys: "Visualizing the Multiverse"
  • David Sharpe: "How (not) to make a physics engine in Python"
  • Sheena O'Connell: "A few tricks for overcoming impostor syndrome"