The sprints are taking place in Discord on Saturday and Sunday (9 & 10 October) on the same Discord server we're using for the main conference.

If you'd like to advertise a sprint topic, contact the organizers in #helpdesk and let them know what the topic is, who the coordinator will be, and which of the days the coordinator will be present on (i.e. Saturday, Sunday or both).

You don't need a ticket to attend the sprints -- we'll open up the relevant channels on Discord on Saturday morning for anyone who wants to join the sprints.

Sprint Topics

  • HPy -- a better API for Python
  • Wafer -- A wafer-thin web application for running small conferences (including this one! 🐍)

If you'd like to bring your own sprint topic, contact the organizers in #helpdesk on Discord or email team@za.pycon.org.

You are also welcome to just come along and see what others are working on or work on your on thing in the virtual company of other Python people.

Worked on during the sprints

  • Wafer
    • Added several tests for the review process. Fixed #608.
  • PyCon ZA videos
    • Cleaned up the generated playlist from StreamYard (some items where duplicated).
    • Initial sanity checking of videos.
    • Edited some videos to remove dead time at the start of videos and so on.
  • HPy
    • Fixed up the porting example and opened a merge request for it, #246.
    • Hacked on adding HPy support to pybind11, bmerry/hpy-experiment.