Conference HOWTO


Before the conference

  • Check your Quicket ticket.
    • Ensure you have a ticket from Quicket.
    • Ensure that your ticket has your correct email address on it.
    • On Thursday and Friday morning, we’ll email you a schedule with links to talks. If the email address on your ticket is incorrect, you won’t receive that email.
    • If you would like to receive physical swag by post, please ensure you have filled in the necessary details.
  • Please register on Discord by following the instructions here.
  • Please read the PyConZA Code of Conduct. A copy is also pinned in the #announcements channel of the Discord server.

How to get help

If something is not working during the conference, try one of the following:

  • If you have joined the Discord server, write a message in #helpdesk and one of the organizers will respond.
  • If you can't access #helpdesk, write in #registration-desk instead.
  • If you don’t have access to Discord, email
  • If you have a code of conduct issue, contact one of the code of conduct liasons in Discord directly (they are listed under the “coc” role at the top of the user list on the right) or email

How to attend a talk

  • Join the Discord channel for the talks (it'll be in the category PyConZA 2021 Talks).
  • Click on the YouTube live stream URL in the channel.
  • Ask questions by typing !question ... in the Discord channel for the talk.

Questions are automatically routed to the speaker by our friendly bot.

How to submit a lightning talk

We have lightning talks during the closing session from on Thursday. Lightning talks are a space to give a short (strictly less than 5 minutes) talk to the whole conference. They're often funny, slightly strange, or informative -- and they're a great way to give a first talk at a conference.

If you'd like to present a talk, contact the organizers in #helpdesk or by emailing and give them your name and the topic you'd like to present on and they'll add you to the list!

See Lightning Talks for the list of talks & a repeat of this information. :)

How to attend the sprints

The sprints are taking place in Discord on Saturday and Sunday (9 & 10 October) on the same Discord server we're using for the main conference.

If you'd like to advertise a sprint topic, contact the organizers in #helpdesk and let them know what the topic is, who the coordinator will be, and which of the days the coordinator will be present on (i.e. Saturday, Sunday or both).

You don't need a ticket to attend the sprints -- we'll open up the relevant channels on Discord on Saturday morning for anyone who wants to join the sprints.

What social events are happening

Details coming soon!

How to give a talk

See the Speaker HOWTO.