Helping technology and humanity work together. In Africa for Africa.

Fell down the Lean-Agile rabbit hole in 2007 and still enjoying the fall. Has run teams from 1 to 30 people in both start-up and corporates. Working on the software production value stream and at the code-face when possible, although mostly zoomed out to customer and business development.

Volunteers helping kids learn to code at CoderDojo since 2012, as part of Coder:LevelUp coding community non-profit work.

Accepted Talks:

The loop of Joy: helping kids (and grown-ups) enjoy code adventures

The loop of joy:

  1. Ooh, I have an idea…
  2. struggle…
  3. it works!

In my work at CoderDojo, I realised this is what we are aiming at helping kids discover (and also helps grown-ups too!).

This talk will cover:

  • Starter pathways to crank the creative joy engine in young learners
  • The MIT Media Lab “Life-long Kindergarten” 4P’s:
    Passion, Peers, Projects and Play, and how they drive the creative learning pathway
  • How to not lose connection to enjoying it (kids and adults)

Come curious, with hope for joy!